The Six Secret Persuaders To Use In Every Offer You Make
Written by Anthony - Pro Marketer Secrets
Since everything that you sell is going to be bought by a human being, wouldn't it be great if you knew the six great influencers on human behavior? 

When these six secret motivators are included in a sales presentation, whether it be in a short ad, a longer ad, a sales letter, or a long presentation...any offer at all, I've seen amazing results. 

I've put these in order of use in the marketing process, sometimes they'll need to overlap or even change the order to fit the situation.

What happens in nature when a vacuum is created or found? 

That's right, there is an attempt to fill that void. 

Now remember, human nature also follows the laws of nature. 

Most all of the time, when someone does a person a favor, does something nice, gives them something of value for free, or basically provides any kind gesture, whether it be large or small, without any apparent "strings attached"...this act provides an imbalance in the "nature" "human nature". 

And there is an incredible amount of subconscious pressure on the recipient to give back in some way. 

This filling in the void, we call... 


In marketing the word FREE, has the most response of any word that you could ever use. 

That's why so many marketers use it over, and over, and over again. 

Everybody wants something for free, don't you? 

You say, "Yes, but is there any obligation?" 
And the answer is, of course, "Free, with no cost or obligation."  

Now, why does this obligate the person anyway? 

Because if something of real value is given to the person, an imbalance is created, a void in nature that will need to be filled. 

The void may not be filled immediately, but if the recipient has gotten great value and use from the gift, there will always be a nagging subconscious motivation to reciprocate in some manner. 

Now let me say this, you'll find that some people just don't seem to reciprocate at all. 

Could it be that they didn't receive the full value of your offer, they didn't appreciate the full value of your offer, or are they are just "non-reciprocating" people? 

The first two are your problems, because you should always make sure someone knows, understands and appreciates the full value of what they are receiving. 

The last one, the "non-reciprocating" person, well, you need to just move on. 

Some people go through their whole lives never learning how great it is to help others along the way, and being helped along the way by others. 

So the first thing to do in your marketing is to make a risk-free offer to your prospect...

FREE is always good...with no cost or "obligation" of course.

SECRET PERSUADER #2 - Now what you're trying to accomplish step-by-step-by-step, little-by-little is to develop a relationship...
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