Three Words Guaranteed To Make Your Sales Letter Fail...Get Rid Of Them And Watch Your Responses Skyrocket!
Written by Anthony - Pro Marketer Secrets
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When reviewing clients' ads, sales letters, brochures, and other sales pieces there are three words that always need to be deleted to make the letter more effective in generating responses. 

Before you hear what the words are, let's make sure that you know where the emphasis of your ads or letters should be. 

The emphasis, of course, should always be on your customer. You'll want to speak to your readers needs, wants, desires, and fears.

It's great that your product/service has distinguishing characteristics (features) that separate you from your competition


If you show your prospect the desired RESULTS you can provide, then you're showing your customers the BENEFITS received by purchasing your products/services. 

Okay, so what are these three words guaranteed to make your ads and sales letters fail?
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