The 17 Parts of Every Money-Making Ad, Salesletter, and Website
Written by Anthony - Pro Marketer Secrets
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In this Special Report you’ll learn the exact steps to take in every sales letter you write. 

If you follow this guide, your letters will contain the proper psychological pacing required for you to make a successful sales presentation and get orders

Let’s get started... 
Part #1 - Use A Headline To Get Their Attention 

The absolutely most important part of any ad, sales letter, or website is what is called the headline. 
The headline flags down your perfect prospect and draws them into the rest of your ad. 

You can think of it as "an ad for your ad". 

If you don't get their attention and intrigue them at this point, they will leave without ever reading your offer. 

Nowadays, you and I, and everyone else are pressed for time. 

We tend to bounce around from one thing to another, and only if something really catches our attention do we spend the time to really take a closer look. 

Here's a few classic headline formats that have worked for profit-producing ads and letters over the last one hundred years. 

And I assure you, the one thing that does not change is human nature, so these tested and proven formats will work for you too. 

How To ______________ 
People want to know "how to", don't you?

The Quick and Easy Way to ______________ 
People want a 'magic bullet', don't they? 
They want the easy way to do or have something and they want it fast. 

____________ Secrets Revealed 
People always believe there are hidden secrets that will make their lives easier, and more prosperous. 
This headline format plays into this basic human emotion. 
In the Pro Marketer Secrets course you'll see exactly how headlines, and pre-headlines and sub-headlines, are used to grab people's attention and get them to read on. 

I've even included a software toolkit for making great headlines, it's called "The World's 100 Greatest Headlines" and it helps you come up with headlines based on 100 of the best headlines of all time. 

Part #2 - Your Opening Paragraph – Draw Them Into Your Letter

In Part #1 you gave your a headline to get them to stop long enough to give your letter a closer look. Now you need to draw them into your letter...
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