Pro Marketer Online Mastery 
5-Week Curriculum
Week 1
Living Your Dream Life
Mindset Mastery
How To Find People Who Will Buy What You Sell

Week 2
The Magic Napkin
6 Psychological Sales Triggers
Get More Done In Less Time
Three Words That Will Kill Sales
Six Secret Persuaders

Week 3
Marketing Leverage Pro
Get More Prospects, Customers, and Sales
How To Make Your Ads Sell Like Crazy
Week 4
Build and Profit From Your Own Email List
17 Ways To Build An Email List
Copywriting That Sell Like Crazy
Scientific Advertising
17 Characteristics of Every Money Making Ad

Week 5
Webinar Workshop
Your Marketing Action Plan

BONUS (Limited Time)
Small Business Secrets
Ultimate Success Program
Pro Market Secrets Q&A
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